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Re: Can someone help me with what this guy is talking about

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@Marcus Lebeau 3367 wrote:

I got a email from a guy wondering what the current cost is for a professional ISF calibration on his new Panasonic TC-P55VT30 Plasma would be and if you service the Schenectady/Albany, NY area.* He says he is currently running break-in slides for 150 hours.* Any information you could offer would be appreciated. He says that reading it on AVSForum,* I was planning on using reference settings but deciding now to go with a pro cablibration.* How we go ahead and get this rolling?

Ok so my ? To you guys is what dose this guy mean by saying that he is running break-in slides on his tv. (Please keep in mind I do not use or read anything on this avaforum website. I’m to busy with life. )

“Break-in slides” = a series of full screen test patterns intended for “aging,” or “seasoning” the phosphors in plasma panels. This is presumed by some to aid in reducing short term image retention and/or “phosphor burn.”

“Reference settings” = picture control settings provided by some presumed authority who has calibrated a display of the same make and model. There is a widespread misconception that copying the settings from a calibrated display will provide a free solution to improving the out-of-the-box picture quality, or even substitute for genuine calibration.

“AVS Forum” = the largest home theater hobbyist discussion board on the web. The only section I regularly read and contribute to is the ‘Display Calibration’ portion of the forum. My intent is to help advocate for imaging science, display accuracy, and video system calibration in general. It is a constant effort to correct misinformation there about display system performance and calibration. Many top professional calibrators, and manufacturers of instruments/software in the video industry, contribute there regularly. I find the other sections of that forum to be more prone to subjective opinions, and therefore, unprofitable debates concerning our craft or the consumer video industry at large.

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