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Hello All,
As you may know Epson Support has a new Firmware V104 to fix an issue with the LCD Alignment feature on the PowerLite Home Cinema 5010/5010e and PRO Cinema 6010 projectors, when the projector is ceiling mounted and the projection mode is set to “Front/Ceiling” or “Rear” mode the orange box that comes up in the LCD Alignment screen is not where the adjustments on the screen are made. The lines being adjusted are in the opposite corner to the orange Box. The new firmware V104 corrects this issue.

We have recently started providing Firmware v104 update kits to Epson Dealers and End users. For the Epson Dealers, we have been “seeding” the kits with them, so they are keeping the kits and should be able to perform the update for users who cannot do it themselves.
End users who request a kit must agree send the kit back within 10 business days after they receive it. We have a limited number of kits and we need to be able to turn them around. We are including a return envelope and label.

We now also have the Firmware V104 files Zipped and posted on the EPSON FTP server for customers that already have a mini-USB cable and a Windows XP PC.

The link or FTP path to the FW 104 files is here:

Or if you have trouble, you can also navigate to this link: , and look for File name =

You will need the following Hardware Requirements for the FW104 Update:
– A PC with; Windows 98SE / Windows Me / Windows 2000 / Windows XP
(Note Windows Vista / 7, and Macintosh OS X are not supported at this time)
– An available USB port
– Approximately 20MB of free Hard disk space.
– A mini-USB cable (type A to mini-B)

If you need a FW104 kit, or need help with the installation / instructions, please call the Epson PrivateLine at 1-800-637-7661 (Requires a PIN authorization – use PIN#5039673). Let the support Rep know that you need a FW 104 kit or assistance performing the FW104 update and ask to speak with someone in the Advance Product Support (APS) group.
The PrivateLine is available from Monday through Friday 6AM-8PM (PT) and Saturday 7AM-4PM (PT)

If you have trouble with the PrivateLine #, you can also speak with a projector support specialist by calling US: (562) 276-4394 from Monday through Friday 6AM-8PM (PT) and Saturday 7AM-4PM (PT) or Canada: (905) 709-3839, 6AM to 6PM, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday (except holidays). Again ask to speak with someone in the (APS) group.

Once you have performed the FW104 update, please refer to the User’s Guide for info on how to perform the LCD Alignment.

A link to the PL PC 6010 UG is here, See Page 51:

A link to the PL HC 5010 UG is here, See Page 52:

Please know that I may not be able to check this forum daily or reply to your questions in timely manner, but I will try to post info as I get it, and try to answer when I can.
I also request that you do not ask for me personally when calling in, any one of my co-workers in the APS group will be able to assist you.

Thank You and Best Regards,
Tony Cort, CTS, THX (cert in progress)
Advanced Product Support
Epson America Inc.