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I’m sorry it took so long to reply to your question. I don’t normally get a chance to troll the forums.
There’s not a preferred screen that works better with JVC projectors than with another brand. A good screen is a good screen. We don’t typically endorse one screen over another, but I can tell you that we usually use Stewart screens at trade shows. Optimum screen size is dependent on the room size, viewing distance, and customer preference. Maximum screen size is determined by the room environment (ambient light), screen gain, and your projector’s light output. Our new models – shipping late next month – are almost 50% brighter than our previous models. In a light controlled room you can light up an 11 or 12+ foot wide screen with industry standard brightness. We illuminated an 11 foot wide Stewart screen with our new RS60 at CEDIA with ease.

I assume your question about 2.35:1 is in regards to using an external anamorphic lens. Yes, they work with our projectors and look great. The only real hitch with using an anamorphic lens is that most 3D projectors (including ours) don’t have the processing horsepower to do 3D processing and vertical stretch at the same time (vertical stretch scaling is required when using an anamorphic lens). This is not a problem with 16:9 3D movies because the anamorphic lens would be moved out of the light path for 16:9 and you won’t be using vertical stretch. Plus, most 3D movies are in 16:9 or 1.85:1. But don’t despair, Lumagen and DVDO have both announced scaler upgrades that will do vertical stretch AND are compatible with HDMI 1.4a (for passing 3D formats). Also keep in mind that an anamorphic lens will change the throw distance of your projector.

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