Re: JVC PD-42V475

Re: JVC PD-42V475

Gregg Loewen
The color error is -18 on red and -12 on blue (80 IRE) and a little closer to 0 at (30 IRE).
If I use the color tint to shift from green to red in order to equalize the error in each color, and then add color saturation to get the grayscale error closer to 0, will this be a viable calibration option and will I still be able to submit this calibration even if the error is >3 ?


Set dynamic range
Set gray scale
Set color and tint
Set sharpness
Verify against known source material.

What are you talking about color tint shift to equalize error?

What is the most important part of the gray scale to set correctly ? Why?
What is the least important part of the gray scale to set correctly? Why?
What is the canvas comprised of? what is the color comprised of? What settings apply to each ?
Is there interaction between the canvas and the color (Y and C)?

Getter dun!!

BTW, I have emailed JVC to ask them about this panel. Stay tuned.