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@Alan Brown 1995 wrote:

How about having Gregg or Michael examine each THX Certified display as soon as it passes certification. Then release to just the THX calibration community how best to go about performing a complete calibration on it. This should be done BEFORE the set is released to the market. We all would then be ready to respond to the market instantly with the right tools to tweak a THX Certified product.

Nice thought…

It would also be nice to think that these steps were thought out and prepared when the TV was designed. This way a calibrator knows exactly what to expect when approaching a THX display. THX should add to their standards a hidden unlockable/lockable THX MENU MODE that EVERY THX TV. It would have a menu that looks the same no matter if it’s an LG, Panasonic, or other.

If THX wants to support their community of “Professional Calibrators” they need to make calibration a bit easier and consistent from one manufacturer to the next. A THX MENU MODE accessible for calibrators only is such a no-brainer and should have been in their list of priorities especially when certifying calibrators.

A THX-certified TV should include all adjustments needed for a THX calibrator to set the TV correctly.

All THX-certified TVs should have the same menu or “software adjustments” we need to get the job done and then some. No minimums allowed. The limitations of the design of the TV being the only thing getting in the way…but then, THX has set minimums and those minimums, based on what I know, should create a good picture.

So, I’ll say the same:

Would this build loyalty among the grads of the calibration training? You betcha!

Would this further build value and prestige for the classes? Darn right it would!

Would this enhance the marketing clout of THX in general? Of course!

Is this an item worth conducting a poll among the grads?

…and…how about opening up a discussion as to what we would like to see included in such a theoretical menu?? The grassroots is a great place to start.