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I had decent results calibrating a VT25 with the updated ControlCAL profile in conjunction with the latest firmware.

The ISF modes worked well. Having all of the controls on a single page made the process a bit more convenient. I was able to achieve good grayscale results in 2D mode. I wasn’t able to see a change with the cut controls in 3D mode. Maybe someone will have an opportunity to test this further. I utilized the gamma adjustment and was able to achieve a higher overall gamma response. The one thing I did notice is that linearity wasn’t as good as the THX mode. When I initially calibrated this particular display back in June I achieved a fairly uniform gamma response, averaging 2.13. With the gamma adjustment, now available with the ISF modes, I achieved an average gamma of 2.27. However, the gamma values slowly and steadily lowered as I advanced to higher stimuli.
The CMS system is incomplete. There are controls labeled saturation and hue, but only for Red, Green and Blue. I was able to achieve good, but not great, results. I didn’t invest alot of time trying to manipulate these controls as the color points were already pretty close. I noticed large adjustments did begin to affect grayscale. What I really wanted to fix was the luminance levels but wasn’t able to successfully. I much prefer true 18 control CMS systems from Samsung, JVC, etc.

I set Video NR and Blur Reduction to OFF. One thing to be aware of: I set the panel brightness adjustment to a higher value for the day setting. I discovered that after exiting ControlCal (and yes you need to do this to take accurate measurements) the panel was really dim. By toggling to the ISF-Night mode and then toggling back to the ISF-Day mode, this issue was corrected. (Reminded me of the old contrast adjustment trick in some of the Mits. DLP’s)