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@Mark Hodgkinson 3205 wrote:

Jules, I’d get a Panasonic BDT 110 for peanuts from Amazon UK. You can redeem 7 blu-rays from Panasonic including Avatar (3D) and Star Wars original trilogy. You could probably nearly cover the cost of the player selling Avatar alone although I know how much it would hurt you to part with it 😉

The 310 passed a nice true signal so I guess the 110 wont be any different.

Cheers Mark. Great minds think alike! That’s exactly what I decided to do a few days ago. I have a new 110 sitting in my office and the claim for the free discs has just gone off. I love my HD750 but I think need a new JVC 3D projector – (must remember to pay off my start up costs first though!). The new JVCs sound really exciting. Did the 1st half of my VT20 calibration last night. Menus are a complete pain and the stupid sliders without numbers making recording settings impossible. Still, got excellent results, though would have dearly liked a properly implemented CMS and gamma controls. Back to client tonight to calibrate for 3D. ‘Once more unto the breach…’ as Henry V said!