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@Gregg Loewen 3070 wrote:

let me re state….

THX mode has correct color decoding, after the gray scale is tweeked.

Other modes will not have accurate color decoding no matter how you set the color control. (if not using the low panel brightness setting).

The inaccurate color decoding seems to be linked to the panel brightness setting (there are 3 presets). The low minimum preset will have accurate color decoding but your light output will be limited to around 25-28 fL. You will be able to get accurate color decoding in the THX mode and should be able to get about 35 fL.

Hi Gregg,

Thanks for that useful info.

I don’t beileve the UK models have any 3 level panel brightness setting though (maybe an eco power mode which you can switch on or off?). Although it seems there are ports that light output is limitied to up to 29-30fL in these modes, so I’m guessing it’s worth trying out the THX mode on these to hopefully more consistent colour decoding and brightness?

Can anyone who has worked on a UK model comment?

Shawn, as you know, I am thinking of getting ControlCal to work on these models, can you confirm if the THX mode is adjustable direct from your console as it is not from the user menu?