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@Jeff Wolstenholme 3245 wrote:

I know there is a few differences between the US and UK models… Who is in the Uk and who is in the US that is having the issues? In the UK versions are you able to connect to the TV using RS232 or IP control and get at the Pro Modes? Do you have 10point or just 2point control in the pro modes? For those that are able to get at the RS232 or IP control, which workflow are you using?

I’m based in the UK and worked on a couple of VT30’s a few weeks ago, got about 27ftl on both using windows on the QD780.

In the Pro 1 and Pro 2 modes on the UK models you get 2 point and 10 point white balance controls, plus full cms and 10 point gamma.

I use Chromapure rather than Calman. I did however try ControlCal (RS232) on one of them but had a number of issues and gave up in the end (Sorry Shawn, haven’t had a chance to feed it all back to you as yet).

Has anyone else used ControlCal sucessfully on the UK Models.

I think my main issues were caused by the fact that ControlCal saw the unit as an EU model and I believe there are menu level differences between the EU and UK, I also could not get the 10 point WB working at all (the 2 point was fine).