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Re: Visio VX37L Service Menu Request

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So, I went to do this set without the service codes. All went pretty well except after initially have a very interested client primed to attend the calibration so that I could explain what I was doing. I ended up with a hung over client that went to take a nap during the calibration no matter how hard I tried to explain that they would have a very hard time understanding the service if they didn’t see me/it in process.

Sure enough, the client woke up and came out to see what to them was a dramatically darker (bad) looking image. I suppose that this could have been worse if perhaps I had not been there still. But, I was and I was able to pull up the reports and explain everything reasonably well.

The clients final comment to me was something along the lines of; I’m sorry for yelling and guess I should have believed you when you said that I needed to be educated on the process. So my take away on this is, knowing that this won’t be the last time that a client ducks me, is to be prepared to explain what you’ve done after the fact without the tools and everything still fired up and running. Oh yea, and have a THX disc as the client was really looking forward to watching an episode Desperate House Wives on Comcast.

Happy Calibrating!