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    Hi Michael,

    I have an LG 52LG60 120 Hz 52″ ISF-certified LCD set here (it’s part of their newest 2008 model line-up).

    Unlike earlier LG models, this series includes fully accessible calibration and CMS controls with no password or service remote needed.

    There are two Expert modes (1 and 2). These include the same range of adjustments as other picture memories (and pretty much match the default settings as provided by the Cinema mode), but can also be turned into ISF Day and ISF Night by doing the following:

    Call up the picture menu and go to picture mode (Expert 1 or 2 as appropriate).

    When the desired mode is highlighted, press 8-7-4-1 on the remote, and a pop-up window provides the choice of ISF Day or ISF Night.

    After the choice is made, and you back out of the menu, the picture settings are locked for that particular mode.

    To unlock, repeat the above procedure.

    Note that while other 2008 LG sets maybe similar in terms of their picture adjustment/calibration options (and the one-size-fits-many-models owner’s manual suggests likewise), only select models are ISF-certified so the above only applies to those.

    The set also offers two-point or 10-point calibration adjustment options. I was able to dial the set in extremely well with the two-point (conventional high/low) option, but when I went to try the 10-point, I couldn’t get near to the same results as I did with the two-point. Weird.

    Except for getting the typical “hockey stick” deviations at 10 IRE that you would expect with other LCD sets, the 20-100 post-cal grayscale range was textbook-perfect.



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