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My exam results

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    Hello Gregg & Michael,

    Wanted to give feedback on my individual test results. I did not do as well as i was hoping the first time. I can only attribute my first results to accidentally swapping out my morning Tylenol for crack… *shrug* these things happen hehe.

    Although i thought i was prepared for the twisted backwards not double negative questions (too many negatives?), i found the questions challenging my knowledge rather then just challenging my memory.

    This was my first exposure (pun intended) to the video calibration world and the test was a nice way to wrap up the in class knowledge i obtained last week.

    I look forward to completing the required calibrations and giving input on this forum.

    Jeff Wolstenholme.

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    Hey Congrats Jeff

    Remember … even if you got 5 wrong let’s say and passed the test easily … it is still worth while to get the corrected exam and figure out which 5 were wrong and what the right answer there actually is.

    Don’t want you or anyone going out into the world and doing those 5 things wrong …

    Once again … congrats … and onto fulfilling the next requirements …


    Gregg Loewen

    go go go !!!

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