Orion-made LCDs (some Sharp, maybe others)

Orion-made LCDs (some Sharp, maybe others)

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    Orion (used to make Sansui) makes LCD flat panels for several manufacturers, Sharp among them. Some internet threads bash these sets because they aren’t made by Sharp but may still carry the Aquos logo. When calibrated, they look pretty good. A 32″ Sharp-branded set measured under 5400K in “Warm”, over 9500K in Neutral, and I didn’t even bother checking “Cool”. So there was no setting that looked good at all. Neutral was very blue while Warm was a sickly yellow-green.

    To access service menu:

    Press and hold “Volume -” on the TV (not remote) then press and hold “9” on the remote for maybe 2 seconds or so. Menu pops up on screen… right in the middle, god bless their pointy little heads. Very basic menu, easy to find cuts (Cutoffs) and gains.

    To Navigate the service menu:
    – use the up and down keys above and below the “Select” button to change the menu item to next or previous
    – Use the Volume +/- to change the value of the Service Menu item up or down
    – Turn off the TV to save the changes you made

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