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    I will get around to putting a whole bunch of runco codes in here. Here is some stuff from David BJ to start off.

    Been a bit busy here lately.

    Promised you Runco/Vidikron flat panel 1080p HD sets access code (with a huge caveat):

    Using the factory remote, open menu, scroll down to the first open/blank slot at the bottom of the menu choices.

    Then Enter, Left, Left, Right, Right, Enter on the remote.

    For sets that have an external video processor (Vivix/Imagix), there will be NO on screen display if the source selected at the time is 1080i or 1080p.

    To access the ISF menu, set the source to 720p or lower – this will allow the calibration menu to appear on screen after the code is entered. If the source is 1080i or 1080p, the above Enter/L/L/R/R/Enter will NOT work.

    To adjust with 1080i or 1080p, you must first access via 720p or lower, then once the menu is accessed, with 1080i/1080p source(s) there will be NO on screen display, and the 2 line FL display on the processor is your only indicator (a royal pain).

    According to Runco/Vidikron (and my own experience) this is how their sets have been configured for some time now. If the set is a 720p model, should be no problem re: the on screen display, but I haven’t tested one lately.



    CR26/32/40HD/CX40/CX46 – “726”

    CW42/42HD/50xa/61 – Highlight color temp and press ENTER

    PL50c/PL50HDX/CW43MC-Rev A – With tv in standby … press Menu, then power

    CW43MC-rev B – with no menu on screen, press the unlabeled indented button on the remote … SM appears

    SP-42/50 – Hold down the INFO button on the remote until the Status window appears and then press MENU button


    DTV900/900A/930/950/980 – 2580

    DTV991/991RP – 3151

    DTV863/873/940/943/947/992/1000/1101/1200 – 00

    VX3 – 4753

    VX3c/VX5c – 4753 or 9115 or 3151

    VX4c/VX6c – 3151

    VX22d – enter r,r,l,l,enter

    VX40/50/60/80d/44/55 – 4753

    MBX-1 – 3151

    SC-1 – L, D, R, Input1

    CL410 – Cal Men. With no OSD present … press … e/r/r/l/l/e or press menu, power on; Factory Menu … enter on right arrow … then Menu

    CL420 – Cal Men. same as 410

    CL510/710 – set up passcode U/D/R enter; Factory mode – Menu, on, menu

    CL610 – ISF 726/ set up 864 / Factory .. Menu, 610

    CL810 – 726 / 864 / Menu 810

    RS440 – ISF – Menu, On with remote; Servie – Enter, on, up, menu

    RS900 – 726 / 864 / Menu, 02900

    RS1100 – 726 / 864 / Menu, 1100, Menu

    RS1100 (08) – 726 / 864 / Menu, 021100

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