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    Hi all, I have tried and tried to calibrate this tv, but nothing I do seems to make any difference on my meters. No change whatsoever. This is the procedure Im using:

    1: With the power on, physically unplug the panel, hold down menu and volume down on the panel while you plug it back in, then hold down ch down and vol down when the K appears on the left side of the screen. This gets you into the service menu.

    2: Using the up and down directional on the remote, go to the M1 and M4 Gamma pages. The Gammas correspond to 20,35,50,65,80,95 as per Michael. A 6 pt system. Each point has R G B controls. Work from the middle out.

    3: I use the side directionals to change values in multiples of 10 and the ch up and down to change values by single digits.

    4: After I make my changes, I unplug the panel again to save the changes.

    The problem is that even though the values remained changed, nothing seems to change on the panels colors or gray scale. My meters both verify this. Also blue is reading off the charts on my rgb color balance and tracking. Nothing I do in the service menu or the user menu seems to affect the blue levels. The only controls that seem to work properly are the brightness , contrast, tint and color controls. The CMS is pretty much useless, except to change the hues a little bit on the secondaries. Does any one have any clue as to what’s going on and why absolutely nothing seems to work on this tv? Am I doing somehting wrong? Please help! Thanks.

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    There is a write command sometimes that has to be used … found on the same page as the gamma controls …

    and the changes are visible in the user side … not the service menu side.



    I didn’t see any any write command but I will look again. Thanks Micheal.


    David, My dad has this exact same set and same problem. did you ever figure it out because I’m having the exact same problem my 30/80 isn’t to far off but I know it can be better. whenever i chage any of the 6pt Gamma settings I notice no difference. Looked through all 32 pages and didn’t see anything that look like saving/writing.

    Also is the CMS on this system any good? I attempted and took green saturation to -30 and still couldn’t get it to balance.


    Gregg Loewen

    1. cms does not work.


    Looked through all 32 pages and didn’t see anything that look like saving/writing.

    it is just below the gamma settings on each page.

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