SMPTE Committee Updating RP166 & 167 Recommendations

SMPTE Committee Updating RP166 & 167 Recommendations

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    From the latest SMPTE ‘Motion Imaging Journal’, September 2014-

    “Reference Display and Environment for Critical Viewing of Television Pictures

    This project group is developing a suite of documents dealing with the use of fixed pixel matrix reference displays. There have been adjustments to the document structure, now planned to consist of the following:

    ST 2080-1: Reference White Luminance Level and Chromaticity

    ST 2080-2: Measurement and Calibration Procedure for HDTV Displays (deals with parameters that can be regularly adjusted)

    ST 2080-x: Reference Display Characteristics

    ST 2080-x: Reference Viewing Environment Characteristics

    ST 2080-x: Full Measurement/Calibration

    EG 2080-x: Engineering Guideline to provide context and background

    Recent work has been focusing on Parts 1 and 2. The Reference Viewing Environment is next in line to be drafted.”

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