About PVA

About PVA

Professional Video Alliance (PVA)

The PVA has been created to start a brand and organization representing premier manufacturers of video-related products for the professional and custom installation video markets. Members of the organization will be willing to share best practices within the organization’s membership. New memberships will be considered on an ongoing basis.

The PVA will offer training and certification for video display calibration, operated worldwide by LionAV. LionAV has been the industry leader in providing instructor-led video training classes within the AV community for nearly two decades. PVA members will be able to promote their products during the trainings (PVA instruction and training content will always be vendor-neutral).  The PVA will award the PVA Certified Video Professional certification to attendees of the trainings if they meet the essential requirements (exam, successful participation in the hands-on aspects of the training, submission of calibration reports that validate mastery of the video calibration skill set). PVA Certified Video Professionals will have access to PVA member products for sale or resale.

The PVA will also offer professional services to video product manufacturers that include product consulting, evaluation, and certification.

Additional the PVA will pursue alliances with SMPTE, CEDIA, and other organizations as required to maintain “best of product knowledge.” This membership information will be shared with PVA member companies.

About the Founder

Gregg Loewen has been a respected authority in the video industry relating to standards, calibration, and setup for almost two decades. He created the THX Video Training Program, and has provided instruction and certification through this program since its inception in 2007. Two years ago, Loewen began a partnership with the International Colorist Academy (ICA) to offer video training within the post production community. The ICA is known worldwide for its excellence in quality standards within the post production community and is in the forefront of the industry relating to future technologies and standards.

As Founder, Loewen will be offering video display calibration training and Professional Video Alliance (PVA) Certification. PVA is a new organization devoted to video quality issues, and complementes its established sister organization, the HAA (Home Acoustic Alliance). PVA will not only be offering video education but will also offer consultation services to manufacturers with the aim of improving and certifying video products. A goal of the PVA is to help foster the relationship between post production and other professional services with manufacturers and purchasers of consumer video products.  ICA Certification, together with PVA Certification will allow students a more diverse educational perspective and let them explore the differences in perspective of the various industries that require video standards.