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Gregg Loewen

actually the screen is quite hard on the Hits sets. It is a 3 layer stack….you have to cut the tape around the edges and then do a restack (moving the glare screen to the inner layer) so the same thickness will remain.

cleaning for the lenses and mirror….monster screen cleaner works well….you will have to do some buffing as not to streak.

the lenses should be removed so you can clean the concave glass under the surface (make sure you remove the correct screws or you will leak coolant all over the boards). This is what Mr Bob refers to as “deep optic cleaning”…which should be a standard part of any thorough crt job.

Gray scales are global…High is the base GS, then Med and Standards are offsets. I do 9300 for high, then 7500 for med, 6500 for std…i cant remember if this model has a BandW mode also.

this set will also be improved with color field uniformity by lense stripping.

Also do convergence….too much over scan reduction will cause the magic focus to fail.

this is actually a fairly hard set to do (right up there with the older Pioneer elites)…..perhaps not great for cutting your teeth on.

if you go to the site…you can register and download the service manual for free…..this will greatly assist with convergence work.

Good luck!!