Re: BenQ W5000 and W20000

Re: BenQ W5000 and W20000


CCA system comments:

Firmware 1.21 or lower … the CCA is found in the Service menu, but any changes made there cannot be saved to memory. The moment the projector loses sync with any signal source, the factory numbers default back in again.

Firmware 2.01 and higher … Major FW revision and the CCA is now mirrored in the ISF menu of the unit. The section will now save the changes to memory. The portion of the CCA that is in the ISF section is only a partial CCA. The full CCA is still in the service menu area, but changes there cannot be saved.

The CCA in the ISF menu is incomplete as a CCA system as no “measured” values are needed. As such, this system actually operates like a standard complete CMS system similar to those found on Samsungs and on the Radiance.

Just tell it where you want the color points to go and measure accordingly. A display color calculator is required to do this area correctly.

There are separate CCA memories here on the units. If you set up the CCA for 1080p 60 … you need to repeat for 1080i and well as any other signal type you plan to feed it.

I don’t know exacly how many memories the projector has, but there seem to be at least 3 here.

Also note … when doing CCA grayscale … the ISF 1/2 grayscale controls cannot be adjusted. The CCA will be your global grayscale control …

So unlike a Samsung projector … there is no combination of CCA and grayscale WB on this unit. It is all or nothing.

Brilliant Color should not ever be turned on.