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Re: Big Problems with a Panasonic GT30

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I have seen this before for the 2011 sets. The display is assuming a SD signal is being received and is decoding it as a SD signal (even though u r sending a HD signal). U can see it when u send the signal and check what matrix is being used in the service menu. I have also noticed that u might be better off sending a RGB signal to the display instead of a YCbCr it gets the identifies the signal correctly. It seems dependant on source and is prominent in the 2011 sets. I believe it is a handshake issue between the source component and the display and somewhere something gets mixed up.

Hi, I thought I’d post an update. After the last visit when things didn’t go too well I bought a new laptop (my old one was really slow) and installed Chromapure afresh. I also purchased an Accupel DVG-5000. I returned to my client yesterday and finished off the calibration with the new gear. I began by taking pre-cal measurements from the TV with the settings I’d left it with. What can I say? Everything was fine right from the start. The greyscale in THX mode was fine and only needed a few tweaks in the Service Menu. The THX color gamut also measured well – with all colours being just slightly too bright. I was able to correct this for THX mode with a minimal decrease in Color setting. So I can only assume that there was some kind of mix up between my Sencore VP403c and the Panasonic TV – exactly as you describe Venkatesh.