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@kevinmaj 3972 wrote:

What are peoples thoughts on this?

DarbeeVision Licenses HDMI Video Processor Design to Lumagen:

Since you asked. It alters the image. Some users find the effects “pleasing.” The fundamental goal in display system calibration for program reproduction is to approach or achieve image fidelity. The manufacturer has made official statements that they do not regard image fidelity to be a legitimate goal in program reproduction. They regard the implementation of their technology as a better result for viewers. Scene sharpness and depth of field are fundamental and legitimate compositional image elements that make up the “look” desired by a cinematographer. They select specific tools such as camera type, lenses, filters, lighting, digital intermediate processing, etc., to do this. Until the content creation community consistently recommends this type of image “enhancement” technology, after their work is done, for program reproduction, I’ll pass. Thus far, I haven’t encountered such recommendations.

I have read comments in the user forums that report it can help compensate for the inherent softening characteristics of LCD and LCoS projectors in a “pleasing” way for some viewers. I don’t have personal experience with this, so am not able to comment further on it.

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