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@stephen.cooper 2890 wrote:

I generally have HTPCs hooked directly to the TV for playback. DLNA interfaces are awful. I like the HTPC experience.
With the cost of PCs being so low I prefer to have an HTPC for each television.

It is what I do. One main unit with a lot of storage and couple of small HTPCs usually based on ITX6, connected together via Ethernet.

These are low cost Atom ION PCs and are very capable of 1080P delivery without stuttering, etc (with the correct drivers).

AMD Zacate looks promissing. My next model will be based on MSI E350IA-E45. Did you try it yet?

You can even get them small enough where they can simply be mounted behind the flat panel.

What about IR control? I live them visible.

Since you don’t want to replicate content, have a fairly decent server that’s capable of serving the content to multiple HTPCs concurrently. All content stored on the server and streamed to the HTPC clients over gigabit lan.

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