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Re: “general picture quality issue”

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Wasn’t able to try a new source yet. But, I did quickly calibrate the LCD last night just to see what the results would be and to test out Calman5 which i found to be faster and nicer to look at at least on a basic level. After adjusting the dr, sat, etc I got the thing looking as best i could with its single point rgb adjustment. Greyscale wasnt horrible to start but there was room for improvement. Red was very undersaturated and secondaries were way off also. The global Saturation and hue controls greatly improved this.

Post calibration I saw a lot less of the issues that were previously obvious. What is still there I think is weak processing in the set and Uverse compression but I can’t be sure until I see a bluray. Shadows are blocky and noisy but are now black and grey instead of taking on colors.

This is the first time that I’ve viewed Uverse to be honest and I “assumed” that it wouldn’t look that bad. I’ll post another update when I when I can get a reference source in place.

Michael, what is your recomendation for portable reference? Bd player or some sort of appliance with video stored on it? My laptop has an hdmi out but i don’t know how “reference” it is. Is that an option as I’ll always have it with me?

Thx for the input