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Re: JVC DILA RPTV Type Displays

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Gregg Loewen

JVC LCOS Press SLEEP TIMER button on remote. Then press DISPLAY and VIDEO STATUS buttons together on the remote. Select with Channel +/-, adjust with Volume +/-, write to memory press Muting, exit press Back
Quoting directly from JVC service manual: “HOW TO ENTER SERVICE MENU”
1.Press the sleepmut timer key and while the indication of “SLEEP TIMER 0 MIN”
is being displayed, press DISPLAY key and VIDEO STATUS key
simultaneously, and the service menu screen will be displayed.
2.When the service menu is displayed, press any key of 1,2,3 to enter the
corresponding menu mode
3.Select service item using the FUNCTION up down key
4.Select the value using the FUNTION key
5.Press the MUTING key to memorize the adjustment value. If not done,
adjustment data is not memorized to the memory IC. And if you exit the
adjustment mode before memorizing the data, the adjustment of your
changed value is cancelled
CAUTION when selecting item in service menu, if any key other 1,2,3,9 is
pressed by mistake, another screen that is not the SERVICE MENU will
appear. In such a case, press the BACK key immediately and return to
the service menu screen. Do not press the MUTING key.
6.Press MENU key to exit the SERVICE MENU

This is from the manual for HD52 and 61Z, 575, 585. Basic chassis RP2.
4. Service Menu Setting

Before entering the SERVICE MENU, confirm that the setting of the TV/CATV switch on the REMOTE CONTROL UNIT is at the “TV” side and the setting of the VCR/DVD switch is at the “VCR” side. If the switches have not been properly set, you cannot enter the SERVICE MENU.

Once the switches are set properly, service menu entry is foolproof by pressing the SLEEP TIMER key on the remote (0 MIN setting) and then simultaneously pressing the DISPLAY and VIDEO STATUS keys on the remote control.

On remote :
TV/CATV Switch set to TV

VCR/DVD Switch set to VCR

While SLEEP TIMER 0 MIN is on screen, press [DISPLAY] and [VIDEO STATUS]

[1] enters Adjust Mode
White balance
S030> Red Drive
S031> Green Drive
S032> BlueDrive

[9] enters Convergence Mode
[Display] selects color (r/b)
[CH+/-] adjusts horizontal
[Vol+/-] adjusts vertical

Press the [BACK] key to return the SERVICE MENU from any setting

[1]/[2]/[3]/[9] select the item