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Pretty sure the PS3 won’t do it, some bd players can from Panasonic & Sony I think, may be worth getting hold of cheap one to add to your arsenal if there is no 3d option on the sencore.

On the low ire’s I found i had to adjust out somewhat by eye, not bad in the end but noticed that anything only just above black was very blue but ok once the levels raise a bit, will work on.

How did you find the native gamma curves, i found the pre sets were pretty shot and only got about 2.1 on the 2.6 setting and had to ramp the lens apature down to about -5 to get something close to a straight line response. In a magnolia room with white ceiling though!

What fL did you end up with? I found the X7 could pump out a lot of light at certain settings but after calibration and stopping down the lens it was pretty poor, I think having to reduce the green gains so much loses a lot so best to minimise ths where possible.