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Re: JVC RS4910/6710 ISF Modes

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The software I mentioned as “provided by JVC” is at this link

Its also referenced to in the JVC manuals.

I will post some charts showing how the RS4910 that I hv for personal use, shifted from perfect gamma/gamut at 30hrs to typical gamma droop and shrunk gamut at 75hrs. Its not related to bulb as others have seen the same thing. The good thing was that it does not seem to deteriorate after that. With JVC removing the multipoint gamma option from the 2014/2015 JVCs it was impossible to fix without a video processor. While the multipoint gamma is available in the ISF software, its a pain to use. There is no solution for the shrunken gamut though. While for the 1st time the gamut tracking on the JVC is pretty linear if it saturates at rec709 correctly (which it was at 30hrs), it cannot be fixed in the ISF modes when it shrinks.

Both these issues can be fixed using the JVC Autocal software that can only be used with the Spyder4 Pro. I understand the issues with the Spyder4 Pro, however, the autocal software allows a custom gamut to be used so u can essentially offset the innacuracy of the Spyder4 if u get a bad one by using a custom gamut.

Anyway, for those with customers that do not have the luxury of adding a Lumagen, this is the best option. I will post the charts and they shd be self explanatory.