Re: JVC RS4910/6710 ISF Modes

Re: JVC RS4910/6710 ISF Modes

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I am attaching various charts zipped. They are labelled 30hrs, 75hrs, ISF & JVC Autocal. In them are the Greyscale/Gamma, ColourSpace and Gamut Saturation Charts. All the verification was done using a K-10A profiled against a Jeti 1201.

After seeing the shift from 30 to 75hrs, and no user controls to fix gamma and gamut, I used the ISF software to get things in control. It worked but was a hassle using the multipoint gamma in the ISF software. As can be seen, the blue errors at 100% saturation could not be fixed.

The JVC Autocal software is pretty simple to use. U set up a connection with direct LAN from the laptop or connect the JVC to the same router that ur laptop is connected to (wirelessly is fine).

U setup the IP addresses correctly. U then setup the Spyder4Pro to face the projector. The software guides u thru the process. U then start gamma/greyscale/color based on target decided (rec709 is already there). The projector then does a series of reads (seems more like profiling of the current state). The software then shows u the before/after charts (it loads the profile and reads again to check).

U can go back and setup a custom white/gamut target to offset the readings off the Spyder4Pro vs ur reference device facing the screen to get it accurate or u use the controls in the custom menu to fine tune.

In my case, the Spyder4Pro was close enuf to my Jeti that I did not need to redo with a custom colour points.

The gamma was fixed pretty well in my opinion and its was quite fast. Of course, there is still some tweaking that I shd hv done for the greyscale, but I left it at that for now to reverify. The 2 point greyscale works fine on the JVCs.

The good thing about this is that for those with gamma droop and do not have the ISF modes (X500/RS49) u can still fix the problems using the JVC Autocal without getting an external processor. Of course the Lumagen will be better with the LUT capabilities, but for the cost conscious customer, it pains them to hear that after spending so much money on a JVC, they will need to get an external processor to fix the gamma and colour.[ATTACH]314[/ATTACH]