Re: JVC RS4910/6710 ISF Modes

Re: JVC RS4910/6710 ISF Modes

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@Doug Blackburn 4239 wrote:

NEVER do a reset in the service menu of ANY video display unless you know EXACTLY, and I mean you must POSITIVELY KNOW, what will happen when you do that. Some Service Menu resets will return a display to a state where there are NO settings applied anywhere and that will completely disable the projector with the only way to recover being to have it sent back to the factory. A customer asking for a service menu reset is a bit strange. The first thing it makes me think of is that the customer went into the service menu and changed settings and ruined something and is now going to leave it to YOU to do something he didn’t want to try on his own. That way, if something goes wrong, he can blame you for it. The only resets I would consider unless I got the information from a factory technician or engineer is a reset in the user menu. Most things in most service menus are NOT easy to figure out. And MOST “modern” displays have nothing useful in their service menus anyway. I’ve not had any reason to use the service menu in any JVC projector in the last 5 years or so. I’m not sure why your customer thinks a service menu reset needs to be done unless he did something bad in there and cannot figure out how to “un-do” what he did.

Thanks for the word of warning Doug. Will check the history and report if it will be useful for others.