Re: JVC RS60 bad calibration results

Re: JVC RS60 bad calibration results

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Just thought I’d post the results I had yesterday. I’m copying this from my post on AVS.

I updated the RS60 last night with the latest 1.2 FW, and it made absolutely no difference in the calibration problems I found before.

Using the ISF calibrator program, the gamma adjustment still does not work.

Using the THX calibrator program, it reverts to a narrow color gamut and won’t let me either widen it or choose a more saturated starting point. The reds looked orangey.

I ended up calibrating User 1. I experimented with all the color profiles, and found Stage gave the most workable combination of color saturation and luminance. Tried Video and Cinema, etc, but each one either had undersaturated color points or uneven and uncorrectable primary/secondary luminance.

The multipoint gamma adjustment works in the user menu, but boy is it a pain! I took the 1st pass which got it in the ballpark, and thought I’d do another pass or 2 to tighten things up. Well, it seems to be more quirky than what I remember from the previous JVC PJ’s I’ve done. I wasted a lot of time taking more passes and trying to spot-adjust. It’s problem is that let’s say I had a run that looked OK except for a big red dip at 50%. Gamma tracking around 2.22, RGB tracking within a few percent except for that spot. So I would go into the menu, bump red up by 1 click at 50%, and re measure. Now the whole thing is changed. Gamma is now at 2.15, and the RGB tracking is more like +-5% instead of +-2%. Frustrating! I was using a C5 profiled off an i1Pro, and it was giving super stable readings. I also rechecked it against the i1Pro at several points to make sure they were still agreeing. Repeatability on a full 11 step reading with the C5 was excellent; that is, unless I went in and made a tiny change like that which shouldn’t have caused all that change.

The one positive thing I can say about the calibration adjustments is that they fixed the displacement in the custom gamma adjustment. So 50% blue actually controls 50% blue. In past models things have been displaced somewhat, making calibration more difficult.

I finally got a result I was satisfied with. Light output was around 14 fL. I could tell during the cal process the blacks were exceptional, and when I put demo material on I thought “Wow!” Maybe a little grainy, but otherwise a fantastic image.