Re: JVC RS60 bad calibration results

Re: JVC RS60 bad calibration results

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Hi Chad and Michael

I calibrated RS50 today and can confirm almost everything Chad wrote here.
I didn’t try THX software (I was invited to calibrate RS40 but it is RS50) just user controls.
It was big surprise for me when I found that THX gamut is smaller that target. So I switched to USER1.
I calibrated USER mode and color profile STD. I used custom Color temp and Custom Gamma. After calibration grayscale was perfect but when I went to color gamut page, I found that color gamut is also inside of target and RED is annoyingly orange.
Axis position didn’t do anything. Saturation and HUE didn’t move color either. Only brightness worked as expected and let me do some adjustments.
I couldn’t leave picture like this so I checked other options:
Video – terrible gamut
Cinema 1 – bad
Cinema 2 – Perfect! I would expect such gamut from THX
Only small adjustment in colors brightness was necessary.

I didn’t finish calibration, I will go back tomorrow to calibrate for 3D. If I have a time I will try to play with CMS again to find out what AXIS really does. Today I moved AXIS for RED from -30+30 and RED didn’t move at all.

Michael, the blank out of the screen with every click of the cms elements is not only annoying but time consuming as well. What is a purpose of this?

Best Regards