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Re: JVC RS60 bad calibration results

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Hey there,

I had a chance to spend 4+ hours alone with the rs60 at a client’s home. I’ve been there twice before for other displays so he has already been well educated on the process. He leaves me completely alone now to do what I do.

He has addressed some elements to darkening his room since I worked on his previous projector … rs 20 … black ceiling tiles .. but floor is still hardwood and lighter color. The client is a paraplegic and moves around only in a powered wheelchair.

The precal was the THX mode and the cms was pretty much dead on with an average dE of 2.6 and really nothing above 3 here. The grayscale was worse off but very fixable just with the projector controls. Had to tweek done in the 0 to 10-20 range with the custom gamma part as that part was green-blue . So pumped up the red there to fix the really low end of things. After this normal cal … the cms dE was 1.3 average. Did not see anything really wrong with this unit.

Got a chance to use the thx interface for the first time .. and activated thx bright and thx dark modes for him. Then turned the thx dark into the 3D mode specific setting.

There are some quirks on the thx software relating to how it reads stuff from the projector initially. So one has to be careful.

I left the orange component in cms alone and did not really know what to do with the axis position control for the color either so i left that alone too. The blank out of the screen with every click of the cms elements was annoying.