Re: Lumagen Scalers

Re: Lumagen Scalers


Since I’ve recently acquired a RadianceXD for familiarization & calibration practice, I’ve been collecting all of the various related documentation that I can find. There’s a fair amount of Radiance documentation available between what’s at the Lumagen site and also at Sencore’s (FTP) site.

However, I was given this one document that I hadn’t seen at either of those places, and have provided a link to it, below (with Sencore’s / Jeff Murray’s) permission. I don’t know whether anyone will find it useful, but thought I’d share it in any case…

FYI: Since this file (8.8MB) apparently exceeds the size limit for attachments here, I’ve provided the above link instead of trying to attach it. Also, the above link may only be valid for a week or two from this posting date, as I’m having someone else create/host my website (my own website-building effort has been “Under Construction” for too long now, and I just wasn’t getting the job done). So if you find the above link is no longer functional, please PM or email me.

Anyway, the PDF file is 54 pages / 107 slides, and be forewarned, it does refer to Sencore’s CP6000 software (of course), but is generic enough that you should be able to extrapolate to whichever hardware and software you use (I don’t currently use any Sencore video calibration gear, but do use their audio cal gear).