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This came from the SpectraCal Forum:

Chad B:
I’m looking at an Extech 407026. It has RS232, and can be NIST. It’s stated resolution is .01 lux/fc. If it’s interfaced with CalMAN, will it’s resolution be higher? Will I be able to read .001? And will CalMAN convert the output to footlamberts? I want to read accurate black levels.

Derek Smith:
Yes it is supported by CalMAN. No the resolution is 0.01, yes CalMAN can report in fL or fC.

Here is also a link to a light meter that may fit your needs.

Meter # 840022 looks like it may work for you.

Range: 40,000 fc
Resolution: 0.001/1 fc
Accuracy: ±(3% + 0.5% fs)

Hope this helps.