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Gregg Loewen

so it look like:

XXX11 2257 2259 [/font]
hit the menu then 2257 [/font]
hit the enter button to save (this will take a few seconds).[/font]
geometry and convergence is the same with all mits. [/font]
You may have to do the horizontal positioning in 2257 and then the others in 2259 (convergence). You generally control positioning by moving the green convergence in coarse mode. [/font]
I would not recommend doing a lot of resizing on this display. It will have burn in by now (raster burn) so you may see burn lines if you resize.[/font]
Also careful with moving the image around (and also resize). These sets are notorious for convergence IC problems….you are just asking for problems if you do (as this will stress the ICs).

remember that a good cleaning will do wonders (mirror, top and bottom of the lense) and also the crt face.[/font]

Good luck!!