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This week I am going to calibrate Nec 60″ Plasma TV 720p it is friend of mine and the Co-Producer of The Chronicles of Narnia to check that on the AccuPel DVG-5000 well I set it 720p or 1080i for video test patters?

because this is the first time to calibrate 720p display

What you have is a wide XGA display. Such resolution comes from the computer industry, rather than the video industry. Large format WXGA displays are fundamentally targeted toward the digital signage and large computer/graphics monitor market. Most likely the resolution is 1024 x 768 (stretched wide with non-square pixels- usually smaller display sizes), 1280 x 768, or, hopefully, 1366 x 768. In case of the latter resolution, you would theoretically preserve more resolution from a 1080i video signal than a 720p video signal. Most critical in displaying actual picture information best, will be the quality of the scaling in the display itself. Only trial and error, with comparing native 720p versus 1080i resolution patterns, would reveal by eye which signal would be best to feed the display. Some scaling processors might handle a native progressive signal better than an interlaced signal, resulting in less digital scaling artifacts, especially with motion. You would have to determine what the best case scenario is for that particular display.

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