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Hey Gregg,

From talking with Turbe, and we are a still a bit skeptical about this, but the Best Buy method only seems to work in the Movie mode with Pure Cinema set to off. Turbe seems to be a bit perplexed as to how it actually saves the information in the service menu since there is no save action. However, using Turbe’s method, you have hit the save button and then hard power off the TV in order for the save to be complete. If you don’t hit save, and you hard power off, the RGB changes you just made will not save. However, if you make changes with ControlCal, and don’t hit save and just turn off the TV via Standy/remote, then, for some reason, it will actually save in the service menu. Not sure why this is, but it is. This is how the Best Buy method works as well. Michael has the script for the URC remotes. I have used it several times, and this is how it works; you access the service menu from the URC, then use the TV remote to navigate and make changes (like 8G panels) then use the URC to exit the service menu. Somehow, the changes are made and remain saved. Haven’t tried a hard power off after I made the changes to see if that caused anything to occur (RGB changes to revert to factory), but as I said before, if I used ControlCal and put the TV in standby rather than hard power it off, it would keep the changes I made in the Service Menu. I assume this would be the same with the URC method. If I used Controlcal, and hard powered it off before I hit save, the changes would not be saved. Weird.

From talking with Turbe though, it seems the only method of calibrating the various Pure Cinema modes is to use ControlCal, and doesn’t seem to be possible with the URC method. However, I haven’t attempted to change the Pure Cinema modes and then reenter the service menu to see if I could access each gray scale. let me know if this made any sense. 😮 😀