Re: PT-AX200U

Re: PT-AX200U



The TV has a bunch of memories to store things in. You don’t need a SM for this as the user manual clearly shows all the controls are in the open.

Panasonic would not be the party that says their CMS does not work … you can play with it and see what happens … but it may not work right. Good graphs and bad images.

Hardly the first TV with a poorly implemented CMS … but that does not prevent you from calibrating it. You calibrate … not re-engineer tvs.

A game mode is what ever the person wants. Games are not made to any form of reference so it doesn’t matter. Except THX certified video games … a very small handful in a market of 100000’s games …

There is no reference for non reference material. Do it the standard way and save the end results to all memories and let him take one of those memories and tweak it until he pukes… 🙂 that will be his game mode.

Budget is budget … so we can’t make neons into lexus vehicles … but we can make it the best neon out there.