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@Julian Scott 3212 wrote:

I calibrated a Samsung 64″ D8000 on Friday and got fantastic results. However when I was transferring the settings for the day and night modes (I set Standard to Day and Movie to Night) to other HDMI ports I hit upon a big problem. I had calibrated a Custom Colour Gamut for Standard and did another for Movie. When inputting the values for the Custom gamut in Standard and then Movie mode on the new HDMI input I realised that the TV was simply copying the gamut settings between each mode. I hadn’t expected this at all. Everything else could be different between the two calibrated modes – the greyscale settings etc. – but it appears you can only have one Custom gamut and it’s shared between all modes that has Custom gamut activated. Have others come across this? Is this a software error? Also, does the D8000 have Day/Night modes hidden in the service menu?

We only tend to calibrate one input for the reviews Jules so that’s not something I’ve come across but how annoying. Rec 709 is pretty damn close to EBU so it may not be a big sweat if the other source was PAL?

I believe the US sets can have isf Day/Night modes unlocked in the SM but the Expert option is greyed out in all the UK sets I’ve encountered. #thumbsdown