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Hi Guys

I forgot to follow up, so:
I calibrated PN63-C8000 in June, but for 2D only.
C series are a little different than B series.
1 Terrible remote control. I pressed wrong button several times. (For example INFO or EXIT instead of arrows)
2 ISF modes are already enabled. (Customer said that he didn’t go to service mode) All modes:
• Dynamic
• Standard
• Relax
• Movie
I calibrated last three modes.

3 There is nothing for us in SM. At least I didn’t find anything. Everything is in UM in Advanced setting.

Set calibrates very well. There are many controls
• 2 point white balance adjustment (RGB gain and offset)
• 10 point white balance adjustment. (Available when the picture mode is set to Movie,CAL-NIGHT or CAL-DAY.)
• Color space adjustment (When set to custom)
• RGB only mode.

Attention: When adjusting 10 points WB, check what is actually changing when you adjust RGB.
In my case, to correct 50% I should set interval to “6” not “5”.
Look at your grayscale and change blue or red for intervals 2, 5 and 8. Check which columns actually moved.

Like before, HDMI Black Level should be set to “Low”, so brightness stays ~50%.
On this display Gamma set to “0” gave me ~2.45,
Red can not be set perfectly in this panel for 1080i. When I set x,y perfectly, Y was to high. When I lowered Y – x,y moved inside so I had to find compromise.

Generally very good panel, good blacks and good colors especially for 1080p24
I see more and more panels and FP with all controls necessary for perfect calibration. Who needs external processor with this new equipment?

P.S. I didn’t use THX because I couldn’t do it perfect.