Re: Sharp Elite 70″ LCD (PRO70X5FD)

Re: Sharp Elite 70″ LCD (PRO70X5FD)

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Just an important safety tip…

I have been making it a habit of performing my calibrations with 10% sized windows. For plasma panels I find this works out very well. However, I did notice an anomaly with the Elites, as well as other Sharp LCD’s. When measuring color windows (10% size), I noticed that when the blue window is displayed the entire screen gets much dimmer. It’s like the local dimming is active even though it is turned off. This only happens with the color blue. When I switched to a 25% size window this phenomenon didn’t happen.

A reminder that we should always check to see how a display behaves with window as well as full field patterns.

I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere so I thought I’d post a heads up.