Re: Sharp LC-xxLE830U SM ‘Yellow’

Re: Sharp LC-xxLE830U SM ‘Yellow’

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I calibrated this LE830U on Friday and everything went fairly well except for the fact that I still saw a discrepancy between what the dE’s were showing me in the CalMAN color gamut, and what my eyes were telling me when I checked reference material.

After optimizing in CalMAN to minimize dE’s in color gamut (I had to significantly increase the Value, i.e., luminance, of blue and green to do this), greens and blues looked totally washed out using either patterns/demo loops on test BDs or actual reference material. I had to decrease the luminance of green and blue by eye in order to get the picture to look correct. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to change from the 75% luminance level in CalMAN to test and see whether a different luminance level in the color gamut would have given results that correlated better between CalMAN and reference material.

One other strange thing what that, although it said in the manual there was a 10-point WB available, I couldn’t find it! The grayscale wasn’t bad with the 2-point WB balance controls, so it wasn’t a bit deal. Anyone know how to find this? (I’m almost afraid to ask…I have a feeling when I hear it, it’s going to be a ‘duh!’ moment! :o)