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Re: Software Fun


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So I”m trying to customize my Calman Software a bit and I’ve gotten to dragging out the deltaE chart but I don’t recall which one to use. Is it the 1976, 1994, 2000, MAX, or the UV setting?


Well for Grayscale we recommend 1976 and is what most apps use traditionally. For Gamut we recommend 1994 because it can be broken down to its components, saturation, hue and luminance. So with 1994 when you have an error you can see what type of an error it is by looking at the dC, dH and dL. The UV dE is used by reviewers and was created by Greg Rogers is just shows the error in xy or uv not luminance but it can over report a color shift error at low light levels. The Max dE is for those of us that are really anal and what to make sure our dE is low for all formulas. We added 2000 but have not found a good use for it.