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Gregg Loewen

hi guys

Ron, yes I am the person that accepts / rejects the certification application.
I spoke with Paul at THX yesterday. They are still finalizing the process for plaque purchase etc….any time now.

Each calibration submitted will have a $100 fee associated with it. (the first 10 are free…and ones done solely for the purpose of getting the 10 in for certification do not count towards the 10 freebies).

Initially, you will have to fax your order in (that will need to be linked to an online submission of a report that I will have certified) and THX will mail out to you the plaque, certificate, and Demo DVD.

Hopefully VERY SOON. I too have 10 plus clients that are currently waiting on plaques etc.

Stay tuned….i will give out more specifics when all is finalized.