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Re: Video Processor Recommendations

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Let me clarify my two unanswered questions and add a third. 🙂

1. I’m looking for opinions on the real world content performance of the PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080 and 1080 UB.

2. I agree that a high end outboard processor will typically outperform the price driven onboard chipsets. My concern is that in a system, the signal from the processor would pass through the onboard processing on it’s way yo being displayed and it would degrade it. Is this a possible issue? If so are there some sets that are good sets that can be set to bypass all internal processing?

3. Does anyone know what the deal is with the new Panasonic plasmas? The new 800 series is THX certified. The new 850 series is not but has a “PRO Calibration mode”. All I’ve read is a review stating that the THX mode on the 800 series looks better then a manual calibration of another setting (har har) I doubt they mimiced that on a 100,000 unit manufacturing run. SO, my big question is what calibration functionality am I giving up, if any, by going with the 800 series with teh THX logo on it. I can’t find a straight answer in print so I’m hoping that someone will have so experience or a contact.

Thanks for any help, information, or opinions that you all can give!