Re: 3D Calibration info from Mike Wood (Samsung)

Re: 3D Calibration info from Mike Wood (Samsung)

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It’s the long weekend for us in Canada…so I MAY get out to a store and see what it’s like to measure with glasses in front (not to calibrate ’cause I don’t have a 3-D pattern). My Minolta CS-1000A has the “dark spot” as well, so it’s easy to focus on a spot…but I’d like to see how I can focus the Minolta’s lens through the glasses, while still being able to see the 3-D image on the TV perfectly focussed through the lens. Just thinking about it in my head, I’m wondering if the Minolta will clearly focus on the lens of the glasses, but not the image through the glasses…?

Also…this is my food for thought… creating 3-D “content” vs. reasons we calibrate…

We calibrate because we adjust TVs to the standard that the production community follows when they create content and make new colour choices, etc etc etc… on TVs that are supposed to be calibrated. Now…my view is that the 3-D content we have right now is still created on 2-D monitors following our standards…

…that means what content creators choose as being red, green, blue, and all colours mixed to suit whatever mood they are aiming for, are probably chosen in 2-D.

I doubt the production community is wearing 3-D glasses all the way through creation to final film/video-to-video transfers.

So…are they making all of their original colour/level choices through 3-D glasses, on 3-D monitors, that have been calibrated through a 3-D pair of glasses…? Probably not.

Then…if everything – all decisions in post is done in 2-D…there is no compensation on the “finished product” for colour shifts (when glasses are put on) in the source material. (Did I read somewhere that the brightness of the content might be the only difference…so when viewed in 2-D, the 3-D version of the film might be a bit brighter on the source?)

I doubt the movie on the BD will be “color corrected” so that when viewed through 3-D glasses on a TV that has been properly calibrated through a pair of glasses, it will look like our 2-D HDTV system.

My guess is that content is created. Glasses are put on. Whatever happens, happens!

So, that begs the question…are we incorrectly calibrating a TV through the glasses and altering the intended image??