Re: 3D Calibration info from Mike Wood (Samsung)

Re: 3D Calibration info from Mike Wood (Samsung)

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@Mike Osadciw 1992 wrote:

Seems like a lot of room for error aiming the meter through glasses unless one is able to look through a viewfinder on the meter. Aim the meter first for 2-D, then put the glasses in front… But I’m just thinking about hanging the glasses over the front of the meter. That won’t work on either of my meters. I’d have to physically hold the glasses for each measurement and make sure my meter’s lens is in focus each time. Any wobbling of my hand might screw a reading up?? My hand has never been super-steady. Should be interesting to try…

…any recomendations as to how to mount the glasses? Maybe I need to custom make a bracket for one distance and no motion all of the time…?

Here’s a question that is bugging me in that regard – according to some reports – the 3D field collapses unless you are directly in front of the TV – and the glasses MUST be @ 90 degrees to the set – in other words you cannot be laying down or twisting your head and using 3D glasses to get a 3D effect. This *MIGHT* only be true with certain screens/glasses combinations – the subject is so new, its hard to make overall generalized statements.

But if it is true that certain combinations need very precise angles between the screen and the glasses – it seems that the glasses need to in exactly the same configuration during calibration as they would be for proper 3D viewing – otherwise, you will run into issues.

So how could you even begin to mount a pair of glasses correctly on a meter?

I’ll be the first to admit I am speculating on this – as this subject is so new -but if you cannot use 3D glasses except in very exact positions/angles – why would using them during calibration be any different?

Mike Wood @ Samsung has been a Godsend for getting info to calibrators – I hope that he will give more info very soon on these issues.