Re: Anyone know how to silence a mad wife?

Re: Anyone know how to silence a mad wife?

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Surprisingly, I just picked that book up last week. The librarian at the school was done with it and I saw it on the staff table – she said for me to take it and read it so I’ve got in on my bookshelf at the moment. I’ve glanced at it…interesting stuff. …and yes, I don’t subscribe to being yelled at either. I need to walk away to cool off from listening to her…so I don’t get tempted to yell back. In almost every situation we work together wonderfully.

She’s fine now. I guess being gone for a while out on the job gave her time to cool off too. Did a Panasonic 50S1. Grayscale tracked perfectly from 20-100. Gamut is far out as usual. I was tinkering with the colour and tint control because I wanted to see it’s interaction with xyY. Even though I’ve played around before, I never really truly investigated until this point. Since grayscale happened faster than I expected, I thought it was a good time to experiment. Setting tint correctly via colour bars put all of the secondaries closer to their targets along the y axis. The colour control strictly did brightness and did not change x/y values at all. Using the calculator, I was able to get them all closer to the expected brightness of each colour…starting with red, checking with green, blue and so on. Setting the colour control via blue filter produced an unwatchable image – Jennifer was still scortching red. With brightness in mind, bringing red value down to what was expected produced a nice looking red head and colour bars ended up looking accurate through green and red filters. Blue of course was below brightness, not only measured but also through the filter… Interesting to see interaction here on a display with no CMS…and not relying on filters. Checked with source material and all looked well. Client was very happy. The end. 🙂

Mike Osadciw
THX/ISF Professional Video Calibrator