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The last time this topic came up about B&O they were not discussing the details of their self-calibrating TV’s performance. A calibrator from Europe stated that he had experience with the equipment and that the B&O TVs were calibrated for an 8000K gray scale. I couldn’t find anything publicly published by the manufacturer in support of that statement, or to the contrary. A B&O representative was discussing the potential use of Joe Kane’s Samsung projector in their line a couple of years ago in Denver. I was present for part of the discussions. B&O was attracted to the styling, performance, and simplified calibration procedure from TI incorporated into the design. It does not appear they ever consummated a deal. B&O appears to be primarily focused on aesthetics, automation, and uniqueness. If they can get reference performance along with that, they’re happy. Perhaps someone from the calibrator community will be able to verify the actual performance of their TVs some day. I have not had any opportunity to measure one.

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