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@Julian Scott 3111 wrote:

Simon, I’m glad you mentioned Loewe because I walked into a dealer today who, it turns out, sells mainly Bose and Loewe. I was trying to get him signed up to sell my calibration services but his opinion was – again – that Loewe really don’t need calibration. I politely disagreed and stated that all TVs can benefit from a THX certified calibration. So he challenged me to bring my kit in and try to improve the picture on his demo £5000 Loewe 50″ TV. I accepted the challenge – though I did state that I could probably make the picture more accurate (whether he thinks it’s a better picture is another matter). In any case he quickly went through the menu system on the Loewe so as to prove to me that his £5000 Loewe TV did not come with the relevant controls for calibrating greyscale or a CMS. To be honest I didn’t get a close enough look to confirm whether this was the case. Perhaps you can tell me more about Loewe or point me in the right direction before I go back in? Thanks.

I just came in from holiday and still waiting for the gear about the LOEWE TV I just have one in my home and that well be the first to calibrate you have to go on the service mode the calibrate the colour

To enter the service mode you have to press the “M” on the local ring (Loewe-eye). After that skip thru the menu-bar until “service” is highlighted. Now press “menu” on the remote control within one second! If you´re too slow – repeat everything.

In Service-Menu find the item “Colour”. There you can find some settings. *But be careful: all setups are already optimized exfactory. All re-adjustments can cause negative impacts to other picture-performances, like moving-compensation or gamma-correction.

check it out!!