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Thanks Michael!

Had another go at my BenQ W5000 last night and got it done right this time. The mistake I had done was going back and tweaking greyscale in the service menu after changing primaries. As soon as I did all adjustments of greyscale by changing desired for white point after starting working on CCA things behaved as expected.

Not sure why I didn’t catch this first time I tried, but at least it works now. My W5000 looks great with a greyscale under 1dE from 20-100 IRE and all primaries and secondaries under 3 dE.

A question now is how well might one expect the gamut to measure the same when changing the stimuli level? I calibrated with 75% and it looks just about the same on 100%, but changes a some on 50%. 50% is still quite good, but changing to 25% changes things quite a bit. Is it possible to get the gamut to stay more or less constant 25% – 100%?

Learning never stops, and every calibration gives new insight:)